April 5, 2017

Spring 2017

Tonight is a reminder of how time flies and things change. The last article I wrote for this blog was back in the fall of 2013. Shortly after that I switched to a paid for website. I kept it until last summer, when I decided that it was no more effective than this blog. I shut it down with the intentions of revitalizing this page....then the house remodel started. As I type this, kitchen cabinets are going in.....but that is a topic for another post.

We are starting into our fourth year having a greenhouse on the farm here at LGI. It has been tremendously successful, and I truly look forward to this spring. We have a semi registered cattle herd consisting of 16 cows and a borrowed bull. We have expanded our sheep operation to 14 ewes and a couple of rams. We sold a record number of 12 top hogs back in January. It has been a fun ride in the last few years. 

As I type this, I have already thought of several posts for the next few weeks. They will be greenhouse updates, farm updates, and maybe just a few random thoughts and ideas. Stay Tuned!

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