September 15, 2013

Here Comes Fall; Goodbye Summer!

What a summer! It has been a busy one here at LGI Farms! Things are going great. I was in downtown Calgary, Canada a few weeks ago and I had a world agriculture business leader look at me and say: "I would trade you all my money, land, and assets to be twenty years old and entering the field of agriculture right now." I truly believe this. There is a bright future ahead for agriculture and I am excited to see what it holds!

In the last three months we built a high tunnel, finished a building, hosted a soil judging clinic, added 6 acres of corn, 5 pigs, 10 sheep, 200 mums, culled our cattle herd hard, spent a weekend with farm bureau, and I went to Canada for a week! All of this on top of the general farm chores and Amanda swapping jobs!

One of the biggest projects we just completed is a High Tunnel in which we will grow vegetables out of season. We just planted 250 tomato plants in it, and hope to have tomatoes in November and December. We also have cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce in it. Look for a detailed write up on it in the future.

Amanda is currently growing about 120 mums. They are doing pretty good, but it has been an awful year for growing mums due to the cool cloudy weather. We have also been battling groundhogs(who knew??).

We added 5 pigs, and are looking at getting more. We will be selling whole and half shares of pork either delivered to the local slaughter house or delivered to you. If you are interested in purchasing one give us a call.

There are thousands of other things that we did, and I will let you know about them as time goes on. Days are getting shorter, which means more chances for us to write. People ask when the best time to catch us is, and my standard reply is: "After Dark!"

Here at LGI Farms, we believe diversity is the key(as you can tell). We have a lot of interesting things going on. Stop in and say hello sometime. We would love to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

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