April 14, 2013

Busy Times

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. The last two weeks have been crazy busy for us here. Last week we had the Clay County Soil Conservation District Tree Sale. We had an excellent year. We enjoyed some beautiful weather and sold very well this year. This week we had the Envirothon and the Soil Conservation District Field Day.

The Envirothon was excellent this year. Due to everyone's busy schedule the Clay County High School team did not get to practice as much as we would have liked, but they still placed 4th. They were only on point away from third!I am very proud of our team this year. They had some very hard questions.

Friday the Clay County Soil Conservation District had an awesome field day. The focus was on grazing cattle. We had some excellent presentations on Cattle Health, Body Condition Scores, Creep Grazing Annuals, Fescue Establishment, and Drill Depth. We had a good turnout, and I think everyone enjoyed it and learned some new things.

Now for an update on LGI Farms. As usual things have been busy. Yesterday our first hive of bees arrived! They were package bees from Georgia. It was definetly an interesting experience to haul around 18,000 bees in your vehicle.

These are the first bees I have really fooled with, and getting to put them in the hive was an awesome experience. Bees truly are amazing creatures. The more I learn end experience about them, the more I like them. I believe they are an addition on our farm that will remain.

Last week we sold some cull cows and a calf. I kept a large steer to slaughter this fall. If everything goes right I will have home grown freezer beef for sale, along with pork and chicken.

Today we got our sheep and goats back on pasture. They were glad to see the green grass. On a side note we added a new Great Pyrenees puppy to our herd. It is a female about 9 weeks old. These are truly amazing dogs. I would not take anything for the two I have. Look for pups for sale in the future!

Today I swapped my Angus bull out for a Hereford. I am looking to get some hybrid vigor in my calves.

This is a brief rundown of everything new in the last two weeks. I am working on some more posts, but due to a busy spring they could be delayed. Feel free to ask any questions as they are easy to respond to. Let's keep the conversation rolling!

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