April 28, 2013

Busy Spring 2013

Things are going well here on LGI Farms. We are having a slow start to spring this year. Some late rains and cold weather have pushed things back a couple weeks. Like most farms, springtime is one of the busiest times of the year here.

We started our fencing project last week. New fences and waterers will be installed to help implement a rotational grazing plan. We decided to go with a high tensile electrified wire because it allows for the flexibility of adding temporary fence to create more paddocks. My goal by this fall is to have my livestock on a three day rotation schedule. This will increase my efficiency by about 30%.

I recently invested in some temporary fencing and am slowly creating a rotational grazing system with what we currently have. I also got some permanent fencing done and got our goats and sheep on pasture.

We are working on the possibility of putting a retail store in at the farm this fall. We would sell freezer meat, vegetables, plants, etc that has been produced on our farm. We are also working on putting together an order sheet for halves and quarters of beef and pork for this fall.If you are interested in either of these let me know. I am also looking for some feedback on selling freezer beef and pork by the package. Would there be any interest if my prices were competitive?

Look for more posts in the future. We are busy right now, but we will still try to get some good articles up!

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